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Milani comes from the isiZulu word, meaning ‘to grow’.

Milani Education is a learning tool which utilises learning material from the best schools in the country, refines them and filters them into the correct sections and gives students anywhere in South Africa access to this amazing quality of education.


Our mission is to nourish the hungry minds because an educated mind always has a voice.


Our vision is to provide children in South Africa, irrespective of their financial circumstances, access to a high standard of education.

Milani provides a safe place where students can learn at their own pace as well as prepare for a future of technology. The platform is created for students by a student, with the vision of inspiring hope of a brighter future for the youth of today.


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Meet our
Founder Alex

Milani Education was founded by Alexandra Lutz, a Grade 9 pupil at the time, during the COVID-19 hard lock-down of 2020. This was a time when the inequality of South Africa’s educational system was highlighted and further worsened as schools temporarily closed.

Only a small minority of students had access to digital learning resources where the vast majority of students had no access to online learning at all. This resulted in several months and now years of irreplaceable learning time being lost. Milani was founded as a simple idea to share existing learning content with a few students in need, and has now grown into an online platform providing a library of resources to thousands of students at the click of a button.


Teacher Sharing

Share existing resources to help children in need and equip them for a digital future

Make a difference

Make a valuable contribution to a child's life and brighten their future

Meaningful feedback

Receive rating from students as well as verification and recognition for great content quality


Social Responsibility

Revolutionize outreach at your school by donating learning resources to Milani

Big Impact

Share a portion of your resources to make a big impact on a child's life

Milani Contribution

Receive recognition as a Milani contributor and be a part of reducing the inequalities of the educational system

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People that made Milani
education possible

People that made Milani education possible

Alexandra Lutz


Lloyd Meaker

Seed Funder

Simon Moore

St John’s D.S.G Principal

Sbu Myeni

Imbeleko Foundation

Peter Cottrell


Nicky Baker


Judith Lutz


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